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Wallboard docs

Getting Started

Explore our user-friendly guide designed to help anyone easily find essential troubleshooting information and support. Our aim is to make your experience as straightforward and helpful as possible for everyone.

Content editing

Explore diverse editor interfaces: Loops for quick, lightweight creations, Schedules for calendar-like planning, and our feature-rich Content editor merging Photoshop with Canva. Scale dynamic content delivery with our comprehensive Campaign system.

Use Cases

Empower your signage with our tutorials. Learn to create impactful displays, optimize advertising, and streamline information flow. From design to maintenance, master every aspect to achieve your marketing goals effectively.


Our system is designed to be platform agnostic, therefore Wallboard supports a whole host of different players. In this section you will learn about the different player platforms and how to manage them.


Enhance user experience and the effectiveness of your content. With our diverse support for different sensoring and interaction types you will be able to create spectacular and engaging interactive contents for your audience.


In this dedicated space, we provide you with timely updates and insights into the latest changes and improvements to our products and services.

API documentation

Wallboard has hundreds of endpoints, therefore we have collected some of the highlights of our expansive API for your viewing.


Essential information about Wallboard, including our privacy policy and convenient ways to contact us.