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Set sensor configuration

You can set the Sensor configuration in the Right click menu of a Screen > Manage screen > Device properties > Set sensor configuration option:


This will open a modal where you can insert the sensor configuration into the textbox. On the bottom of the modal you will see a dropdown called Preset configuration, where you can choose presets to use the configuration box.


Preset configuration


  • This will give you an empty string as a config.


  • This will give you a basic M5 sensor configuration
{"m5devices": [{"uid": "M5", "sensors": []}]}


  • This preset is used when you take the sensor config manually into the box, also if you use the Wallboard Sensor Designer, and send the config to the cloud, it will appear under the custom preset.
//Please note that, this config has no actual meaning in this tutorial, just to demonstrate the appeareance with the preset option.

{"services": [{"uid": "test", "type": "HTTP", "settings": {"port": 8181}}]}


  • Enables sensors on android, but sensors won't receive the config
{"m5devices": [{"uid": "M5", "sensors": [], "type": "M5"}]}

Generic sensor configuration

Here is an example of a generic sensor configuration

"services": [
"uid": "",
"type": "GENERIC",
"connection": {
"baudrate": 9600,
"port": "0",
"dataBits": 8,
"stopBits": 1,
"parity": 0,
"flowControl": 1
"settings": {
"rules": [
"pattern": "(\\w\\d{3}\\w)\\[(\\d*)]\r\n",
"eventGroupIndex": 1,
"valueGroupIndex": 2